The Water Activity Garden

Next to the museum there is the Water Garden, comprising a series of hands-on activities to experience and understand the power of water and the magic way it moves.
A large basin collects the water used in this area for the activation of structures such as Archimede Spirals, watermills, canals, pumps and “paratoie” (openings for the passage of water in a dam). These enable children and adults alike to experience the hydrodynamic and kinetic force of water.

The speed and volume of the water flowing in these installations can be adjusted so as to understand the laws of physics that make it possible for water to be used in irrigation, electricity, transport and drainage.
This beautiful Water Garden completes the tourist experience of Panperduto.
School Parties can appreciate the intricacy of the area and its structures as they are reproduced on a small scale, mirroring one of the most important water complexes of the Lombardia region.