The museum of the Italo-Swiss waters

The museum of the Italo-Swiss waters (with an area of 150m²) has facility for conferences, exhibitions, educational activities and workshops. On the floor of the museum, a huge map of the territory is displayed in 1:1500 scale. This map includes the area between Sesto Calende and Vizzola, showing the structural and functional complexity of the river basin of the Ticino in the Italo-Swiss area.

The museum is well integrated into the surrounding landscape and it is part of a tourist route which can also be explored by boat. Tourists can appreciate the vitality of water for human and natural life as well as the value of its multipurpose function as a primary element for agriculture, the food industry, the landscape and the production of electricity. This complex is situated on the Island of Confurto. Originally designed as a warehouse for storing maintenance tools, it has been rebuilt to a strict eco-friendly standard and yet it has kept the typical architectural elements of its first design.